The end of the 20th century saw a model of existence in which the time of learning and education was followed by a so-called active life, thus dedicated to work, and ended by a withdrawal from the professional sphere, so nicely named “retirement”.

Three great periods in a life with its ages, its peak and its decline. But times have changed.

As Mr. Riadh BENAÏSSA points out, “these three well-defined cycles, which have long been engraved in our modes of operation and thought, structured the industrial era, with a simple postulate: the third and final cycle was a twilight for…

Every crisis is an opportunity as well as a challenge.

The emergence and development of the Covid-19 have profoundly changed traditional ways of operating and, more globally, all societal reference points. However, the health crisis caused by the unexpected appearance of a new kind of virus has revealed the strong potential for adaptability and creativity of the human race. Adapt or disappear: human beings have known what this means for several millennia.

When asked about this period of crisis and the economic, technological and therefore strategic changes that he has witnessed, Mr. …

The most important component required for the development of the team is
cohesiveness. Cohesiveness is the feeling of fellowship between the individuals from the team. At the point when the team individuals appreciate one another and are genuinely happy with their investment, it is called socio-passionate cohesiveness.

Then again, when the team individuals realize that they need each other to arrive at the shared objective and that they are reliant upon one another, it is called instrumental cohesiveness. Cohesiveness helps tie the team together according to industry giant Riadh Ben Aissa.

Building the team together
There are some regular management botches…

Propos recueillis de M. Riadh BENAÏSSA.

Au commencement, ils avaient tout pour séduire.

Ils incarnaient la mondialisation des échanges et leur immédiateté, dans une démarche de progrès technologique, scientifique, économique, culturel, social, fort prometteuse qui allait faciliter notre quotidien et nous rendre plus curieux. Peut-être même plus intelligents.

Puis nous y avons pris goût. Nous avons alors commencé à sacrifier nos moments de calme, nos loisirs, nos routines quotidiennes, nos méthodes de travail, nos liens sociaux, amicaux, familiaux, à la consultation de plus en plus compulsive de ces géants de la communication immédiate et de l’information tout azimut, nourrissant ainsi…

In the age of hyper-digitization, the dissemination and sharing of information are powerful levers of communication, which establish links between individuals, groups, populations, and cultures, based on the fluidity, density, and immediacy of exchanges.

In recent years, and more generally whenever a personality, a group, or a trend with political, economic, social, or cultural connotations goes through an existential crisis, this worrying and yet so predictable phenomenon called “Fakes news” has arisen.

Communication experts, sociologists, political scientists, researchers, many are concerned about this strong drift, sometimes qualified as a major problem of our time.

Nearly two years ago, the European…

Introduced for thought are so many potential ways for managers, chefs, and leaders to propel their team with little spending plan and assets that may not need more significant level management endorsement. Most ideas can be executed just by an adjustment in responsibility or the manner in which the manager or leader speaks with the team and urges the gathering to develop itself.

All it takes is a little understanding on your part

All it might take is changing the way the manager, administrator, or leader speaks with and supports the team’s likely development, just as the individuals tolerating duty regarding their advancement. The outcome needs to be improved team…

Every advance in genetic research bears witness to the complexity and the profoundly unique and talented nature of the human body, in its most subtle components.

A few decades ago, medicine was engaged in decoding DNA and reading the human genome, in the context of treating certain major viruses, autoimmune diseases, or rare genetic diseases known as orphans.

The long-standing approach was based on the hypothesis that DNA was an inimitable signature of each of us, drawn in a unique and remarkable way, transmitted by the anteriority of family histories, recent or much more distant, in a sort of inevitable…

La planète Terre offre avec beauté et générosité aux habitants de ce monde, des ressources, des richesses et des énergies, que l’Histoire des hommes a tenté, toujours avec persévérance, souvent avec succès, parfois avec une maladresse coupable, de maîtriser et d’optimiser, pour ce que les esprits éclairés et altruistes ont pu qualifier de « bien commun de l’humanité ».

Le défi était ambitieux et les perspectives de profits prometteuses.

Certaines époques ont été à la hauteur des espérances les plus folles en matière de progrès, énergétiques et scientifiques notamment.

Le génie humain qui sait réaliser des prouesses et les systèmes…


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